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Bank holiday bonanza

Who said the 80s weren't stylish?

Who said the 80s weren't stylish?

Travelling by car on a bank holiday weekend is not normally seen in a positive light.

The jams can be horrendous, drivers who usually don’t drive on motorways take to them like ducks to creosote and, if you’ve got kids in the back, there’s that constant attempt to ward off the dreaded question “Are we nearly there yet?”

I spent over four hours on Good Friday making slow progress towards my in-laws’ new home in Bridport, Dorset, with my two young ‘uns in the back, and another three hours (by a much better, more pleasant route) returning home on Easter Monday, so I know what I’m talking about.

However, despite the best efforts of the outer lane hogs on the M3, I managed to stay relatively sane carspotting. You should try it, as the bank holidays have rich pickings.

So, in no particular order, here are some of the things I noticed on the roads of southern England last weekend. Continue reading


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Middle of the road driving

If there's nothing to your left, pull in

If there's nothing to your left, pull in

I’ve tried everything.

I’ve counted up to ten; taken deep breaths; attempted creative visualisation. Hell, I’ve even taken to consciously not speaking (which, if you know me, goes against my nature) and smiling instead.

None of it works. I just can’t help shouting at the idiots who hog the middle and outer lanes of motorways.

Now being charitable, I realise it’s not entirely their fault – and I don’t mean that they can’t help being morons ‘cos they were born that way. No, it’s not their fault because in the UK, nobody has driving lessons on the motorway. Continue reading

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