Bank holiday bonanza

Who said the 80s weren't stylish?

Who said the 80s weren't stylish?

Travelling by car on a bank holiday weekend is not normally seen in a positive light.

The jams can be horrendous, drivers who usually don’t drive on motorways take to them like ducks to creosote and, if you’ve got kids in the back, there’s that constant attempt to ward off the dreaded question “Are we nearly there yet?”

I spent over four hours on Good Friday making slow progress towards my in-laws’ new home in Bridport, Dorset, with my two young ‘uns in the back, and another three hours (by a much better, more pleasant route) returning home on Easter Monday, so I know what I’m talking about.

However, despite the best efforts of the outer lane hogs on the M3, I managed to stay relatively sane carspotting. You should try it, as the bank holidays have rich pickings.

So, in no particular order, here are some of the things I noticed on the roads of southern England last weekend.

  • Three very rad-looking hot rods leaving the Fleet services on the M3 – it was like being in American Graffiti
  • Not one, but two Audi R8s, both within the space of about 30 miles in Dorset. Probably on an awayday from Sandbanks.
  • A Talbot Sunbeam Lotus. This was one of my favourite cars as a teen in the 80s, so this was a rare treat. (And for all you nerdish petrolheads out there, it looked like a Series 2 in Moonbeam Blue – although there was a Lotus badge in the radiator.)
  • I must have passed a Hillman owners club meet, as in a relatively short stretch of the A30 I saw a couple of Avengers and a Mix, plus the the Sunbeam. Boy, did that take me back to my childhood.
  • A Mk III Ford Cortina at Winchester services. It wasn’t exactly well preserved – there was more rust than paintwork – and the occupants looked like Wayne and Waynetta Slob.
  • The other thing that I could help noticing was the number of cars with 09 plates. Now the car industry is most certainly in the shitter and car sales are around two-thirds of what they were last March, but we mustn’t lose sight of the fact that people are still buying cars. I’ve seen quite a few in the last few weeks and there were loads in Dorset, of all sizes.

    It’s all too easy at the moment, if you try and earn a living in the car industry (as I do), to forget that there are some people out there with jobs, disposable incomes and the desire to invest in a new car. But if you get out on the road and drive around for a while, you’ll soon spot some newly registered cars and, if you’re a glass half-full kinda person, it might just give you a lift.


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