Middle of the road driving

If there's nothing to your left, pull in

If there's nothing to your left, pull in

I’ve tried everything.

I’ve counted up to ten; taken deep breaths; attempted creative visualisation. Hell, I’ve even taken to consciously not speaking (which, if you know me, goes against my nature) and smiling instead.

None of it works. I just can’t help shouting at the idiots who hog the middle and outer lanes of motorways.

Now being charitable, I realise it’s not entirely their fault – and I don’t mean that they can’t help being morons ‘cos they were born that way. No, it’s not their fault because in the UK, nobody has driving lessons on the motorway.

We pass our tests without having driven on the motorway and are then allowed to do so without any requirement to undergo extra lessons.

No wonder all the muppets and halfwits drive in the middle and outside lanes, seemingly ignorant of the Highway Code’s stipulations.

So for those of you who see no harm in hogging the overtaking lanes, here’s something for you to think about. This is from the Highway Code Online

You should always drive in the left-hand lane when the road ahead is clear. If you are overtaking a number of slower-moving vehicles, you should return to the left-hand lane as soon as you are safely past. Slow-moving or speed-restricted vehicles should always remain in the left-hand lane of the carriageway unless overtaking.

If you drive anything with less than 100bhp, or with an engine with a smaller capacity than 1600cc, or one that does 0-62mph in 15 seconds or more, you should probably consider that to be a slow-moving vehicle. So if you’re the driver of the 14-year-old purple Nissan Micra with roofbox I saw on the M4 earlier today, yes, you’re included in that group.

The solution? Well, the government should make the current Pass Plus course compulsory for new drivers: if they don’t pass it within a year, their licence should revert to being provisional. After retaking their test, they have another year in which to complete Pass Plus, and so on, until they’re safe to drive on the motorway.

An initiative like this would certainly do more for road safety that any number of speed cameras.


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